Power Master Dust Collection VFD

Power Master Dust Collection VFD


The Ecogate Power Master Dust Collection Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) automatically adjusts the speed of the motor on your dust collection system's fan in order to reduce the motor's electricity consumption.

The Power Master was specifically designed by Ecogate together with industry-leader ABB to optimize dust collection fans for energy efficiency.

By installing a complete Ecogate system including the Power Master dust collection VFD, you will immediately experience the following benefits:

  • Reduced electricity use - save 68% or more on your cost of dust collection!
  • Automatic air flow adjustment - always have the suction you need!
  • Automatic dust collector start & stop - no need to send a maintenance manager to flip switches multiple times per day!

The Ecogate Power Master variable frequency drive (VFD) provides outstanding energy efficiency.

You Need More Than a VFD

Adding a VFD alone isn't sufficient to reduce the dust collection system's energy use safely.

Why? Slowing down the fan reduces the air volume moved by the system, which will decrease the amount of suction at all machines. This can lead to dust settling or even a fire.

In order to reduce the electricity use of a dust collection system safely, you also need to direct airflow where it is needed using automatic blast gates, and you need a brain that intelligently controls the system at all times.

That's exactly what we've built - take a look ⮕

For a full explanation of why installing a VFD is not enough to safely reduce the energy used by a dust collection system, you can read this article.


Ecogate Power Master Dust Collection VFD Features

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Refined hardware and software for outstanding performance and reliability

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Heavy Duty

NEMA-12 Dustproof cabinet with an exterior heat sink, industrial air filters, and positive inside pressure ensure reliable operation. Power Masters are UL-certified and made in the USA.

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Easy to Setup

Complete parameter presets for USA, Canada, and Europe for 50/60 Hz, 230V, 380V, 460V, 575V. Set/check all system parameters with a single press of a button.

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The full VFD status can be accessed in realtime at the greenBOX as well as remotely


The Power Master high contrast control panel provides easy setup.

The new Power Master was developed together with industry-leader ABB, and represents another link in Ecogate's tradition of making state-of-the-art, technologically sophisticated products that are easy to setup and use.

Ecogate will continue to control the speed of the fan to achieve optimal energy efficiency, and also automatically start and stop the dust collector for you.

Using factory-programmed Ecogate presets along with a high contrast control panel and intuitive keypad, configuring the drive on-site is a straightforward process.

Learn more about the new Power Master design.


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